Walk, Talks and Mindfulness Course

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This is the season when the natural world comes to life again and our senses are bombarded with colour, sunshine, birdsong, fragrance and constantly changing temperatures!

How To Deal With Fear of Spiders or Arachnophobia?

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Question My son’s girlfriend is suffering from fear of spiders. She will cry if she sees one. It is affecting her work, she works in a pub – cellar is full of spiders. She is intelligent girl, she knows spiders can’t hurt her. Still she can’t explain why she is so frightened of them. I […]

“Just to let you know it was amazing walking down the road” – What an Agoraphobia client says about Nicola

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Agoraphobia is a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult, or help wouldn’t be available if things go wrong. This testimonial came from a client who suffered from agoraphobia! From a client who hasn’t been outside her front door for months after a panic attack. At the end of Nicola’s session (Nicola […]

What happens when you stop smoking?

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You have an amazing body that wants to heal, now that you are offering it the chance. Here are some of the effects you can enjoy once you are free of smoking.

Arming yourself against criticism – Using your best weaponry

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Remember the difference between a criticism and a complaint. Criticism attacks your identity, never justified or reasonable or defensible, it says more about the criticiser than it does about you.

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