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Hello Everyone,

This is the season when the natural world comes to life again and our senses are bombarded with colour, sunshine, birdsong, fragrance and constantly changing temperatures!

I was facilitating a couple of sessions at a company who were interested in an Introduction to Mindfulness. 90 minutes in a small group was enough to re-engage with what we can do to come to our senses and get out of our busy minds. For some it was a chance to notice how busy and stressed their lives had got, and to work out how to bring a little more space and tranquillity in. Here are some other ways to keep yourself in a good place…

Mindful Hour

I have room for a couple more people in my Monday Mindful Hour. From 8-9pm most Mondays I lead a small group in my home in Balcombe. We do Mindfulness guided meditations and stretches as well as consider how we can bring mindfulness into our daily lives. A great way to touch base with your inner calm. If you’d like to come along and give it a try, call me on 01444 819075.

Mindful Walk

Saturday 4th July, Independence Day in the US, is the date of the next walk. We meet outside the Tearooms in Balcombe and do a beautiful circuit that takes in fields, woods and the lake. £5, call me to book your place.

So there is no excuse! If you or a friend is in need of permission to slow down and smell the roses, here are a few ideas to get you started. If you can’t join us for any of the activities, I hope you enjoy the colours, fragrances and sounds, of Spring and the sun shine – don’t blink, you might miss it!

Best wishes,

Nicola Preston Bell

Introduction to Mindfulness Relaxation Course

  • Are you stuck in a cycle of chronic stress and poor sleep?
  • Do your thoughts run away with you?
  • Does life feel frenetic and unrelenting?
  • Then come on this course and discover how calm and resilient you can feel!
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4 Sessions, 2 Hours Each
Beginning Friday 12th June at 12.30-2.30pm & The Following 3 Fridays - £80 in Balcombe

Other News

  • I am doing another workshop with Nancy Towers, Nutritionist, at The Old School in Cuckfield. It is next Thursday 21st May 7.15-9pm and is fully booked at the moment. However I’m telling you as if you are very interested, let Nancy know so she can call you if there are any cancellations. Her email is n.towers1@btinternet.com (Facebook page – Realistic Nutrition)
  • Bex Gould, Pilates Instructor, is holding a Pilates workshop in Westmeston next Saturday 23rd May 2-4pm. We are focusing on breathing, and she has invited me to come along and contribute to the workshop. I think she is pretty fully booked, but if you are interested and do Pilates, then give me a call and I will find out if there are any last minute places.

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