What is a Phobia?

Hypnotherapists see many people who have phobias. So many people suffer in silence with a secret fear of something. Consciously they know their phobia doesn’t make sense, yet whenever they are faced with the object or idea of their fear, their body sets of the alarm systems, heart pumping, shallow breathing, feelings of danger. If your life is caged in by avoiding spiders, snakes, dentists or being able to travel freely, whatever it is, then hypnotherapy can help you to lose that old phobia and free you to experience life with greater confidence and calm.

How Hypnotherapy cures your phobia?

Hypnotherapy works by helping the unconscious mind recognise that the reason for the alarm bells being set off is no longer valid. Once you are deeply relaxed you will find you can begin to let go of those old unhelpful beliefs and open up to new possibilities. Speak confidently in public? Easy! Travel by air plane with the family on holiday? What a great idea!

What will it be like when you can be calm so that the panic button isn’t pressed every time you are near something similar to that feared object or activity?

Types of Phobias

Phobias are actually very common and range from fear of flying, to fear of spiders, bats, noises in the night, tummy buttons and being sick.

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