One to One Mindfulness Coaching

Learning to give yourself permission to pace yourself more compassionately is not always easy.

Many people don’t look after themselves properly until they get some kind of wake-up call, such as illness or insomnia.

One to one Mindfulness Meditation Coaching

You are the person you will have the longest relationship with in your life, how about making it a fulfilling and positive friendship, rather than being a constant harsh task-master and critic to yourself?

In one to one mindfulness meditation sessions, we use guided imagery tailored for your particular needs to enable you to calm your busy mind and improve your attention, deepen your focus and help you to explore your creativity and resourcefulness.

We can devise mindful tasks to carry out, such as mindful eating, walking, showering, whatever allows you to experience life with all your senses fully engaged, rather than being distracted by the busy chatter in your head.

If you are feeling stuck, anxious, or have noticed yourself doing mental time travel when you should be focusing on the present, then mindfulness coaching could be just what you need to support you in your quest to come to terms with that busy brain.

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-Nicola Preston Bell