Welcome to my website! I am Nicola Preston Bell, an experienced Solution Focused Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, I also design and lead Mindfulness courses. I am based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.


Hypnosis is a straightforward, centuries old technique for stilling the mind and accessing the unconscious. Linked with the latest in positive psychology, hypnotherapy can enable beneficial and remarkable changes in your behaviour and thinking.


Mindfulness is about coming to our senses with compassion, curiosity and without judgement. Many people find that taking time to bring awareness to whatever they are doing results in better concentration and feelings of calm.

Why Hypnosis?

You will find a range of information here that I hope will answer your questions about how hypnotherapy could help to free you from anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction or a phobia.

Hypnotherapy is such a gentle yet powerful method for dealing with fears, difficult emotions and behaviours and for installing the new patterns you want to experience. Want to feel comfortable about doing a presentation? Want to stop smoking or lose weight? Then do find out more from the relevant pages here.

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Corporate Services

Do you find yourself living, eating and breathing your work? Is your company struggling with staff absences through ill health or are some of them at work but lacking in energy and focus?

Many successful companies are now enjoying the benefits of providing regular groups for staff to learn and practise mindfulness.

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A pleasant and very useful experience, I’ve noticed change from my previously negative thinking – I can’t do this to a very positive – I can do this!

Ann, Sussex

My expectations were exceeded as I not only did not want to smoke any more but my headaches stopped and my back pain was reduced. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

Eileen, Cuckfield

Feeling relaxed in Nicola’s presence exceeded expectations. I became very calm and peaceful feeling when asked about future driving.

Michelle, Haywards Heath