Hypnosis for Fertility

fertility2birthFertility to Birth© is a tried and trusted programme for helping women prepare themselves for a confident and calm pregnancy and birth.

Along with hypnosis to help you conceive, you might be exploring other therapies that can help. If you are stressed and anxious about conception, then hypnotherapy for fertility can encourage a sense of calm and confident preparation for conception. Making sure you are eating healthily, exercising and enjoying a good social life will all help to keep your spirits lifted too.

Hypnotherapy Fertility | Fertility Hypnosis

How does Hypnotherapy for Fertility work?

If you lead a busy life and you are having difficulty falling pregnant, there might be some underlying issues that are causing the delay. Hypnotherapists who work in this specialist area often find that there are some anxieties about pregnancy or motherhood that hinder conception. Unless there are physiological reasons why you are not falling pregnant, once you are more relaxed and enjoying life then the body seems to work better.

Hypnotherapy for fertility helps you become more aware of your stress levels and I will teach you how to relax, step back into the reality of the present moment and access a calmer state for yourself.

It might be that there are beliefs or memories that are affecting your fertility. The mind is very good at keeping us “safe” from stuff it perceives as “dangerous”. Even if you consciously really want a baby, there are sometimes fears around pregnancy or birth or being a mother. Hypnotherapy for fertility can help to release and remove any conflict around pregnancy and motherhood. A relaxed and happy mind and body are more likely to be fertile than one that is stressed or frightened.

Talking Therapy
Infertility is one of the toughest challenges to encounter in life, it can make you feel very alone and it might seem that everyone else has a baby or is pregnant. Sharing your concerns can really help to clarify your thoughts and allow you to find a way through to a happier place.

Medical Intervention
If you decide to go for IVF or something similar, hypnotherapy can be helpful to keep you calm and realistically positive during the process. You will learn relaxation and visualisations that will help you to envisage the medical techniques working and thus send messages to your brain to send the appropriate chemicals to the right part of your body.

Normally, 4 to 6 sessions of hypnotherapy are helpful.

Professional Qualifications

Nicola has undergone specialist training with Fertility2Birth.

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