Anxiety and his attendants – Who are the main protagonists when anxiety creeps in and takes over?

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Anxiety has many faces, and different people experience different ways it affects their behaviour and experience of life. You might be getting headaches, feel a tightness in your chest or tummy, notice your breathing is very shallow. Your hands might shake and you might have a feeling of dread around certain situations. There might be a very self-critical voice in your head that leaks out to others, finding yourself being very critical or irritable, or losing your temper quickly. You might not be sleeping very well.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety - West Sussex

Treating anxiety with hypnotherapy makes great sense for many people who once suffered and who are now leading confident, happy lives. With hypnotherapy you are taught to relax and the reasons for the anxiety are dealt with calmly and compassionately with hypnosis. Once your mind is free to encounter the future with confidence and calm, the world is your oyster!

Fight or Flight

When you are anxious about something, if the situation doesn’t resolve quickly the anxiety can “set in” and spread to other areas of your life. The “fight or flight” survival package is a fantastic set of body and mind reactions for certain kinds of real do or die events, but most of the time is not helpful. It makes you very black and white in your thinking with a constant sense of urgency and always aware of the possible problems rather than the opportunities. It is also very bad for your health as your immune system and digestive system and other processes are depleted while you are worrying about stuff. Confidence tends to take a back seat, just to add to your misery.

Panic attacks sometimes happen when the nervous system is so overloaded it goes into overdrive, sometimes over something that seems insignificant. This is “fight or flight” really kicking in to get you out of a perceived danger zone, your unconscious mind trying to keep you safe through setting off fear sensations.

Insomnia is common as you never really allow yourself enough relaxation time to feel truly safe, a necessary feeling for deep refreshing sleep. Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety and insomnia to calm the primitive brain and nudge your mind towards a more positive and optimistic mindset. You can work out better sleep routines so that you wind down more effectively each evening, or get some good exercise into your day to help with stress.

Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety

When you have anxiety about meeting people, this is known as a social anxiety. If you suffer from this then you might well feel perfectly relaxed and at ease with people you know well, but venturing into situations with strangers causes a sense of panic and fear. Hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping people with social anxiety, when you have learnt to relax yourself and uncovered the limiting self beliefs around meeting new people, you will discover in hypnotherapy hypnosis a new way of approaching social situations that allows you to feel at ease.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Many people having trouble with weight loss find hypnotherapy can help them to relax as well as focus on changing habits towards more exercise and a better diet. There is often anxiety around carrying too much weight, and if you have a sweet tooth and penchant for caffeine, then you are likely to experience more anxiety as your blood sugar levels peak and dip throughout the day. Hypnotherapy hypnosis works on the unconscious mind to look for better habits for health and wellbeing and search out the positive possibilities as your body shape becomes healthy and your energy levels and confidence improve.

If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder then please don’t carry on putting up with those unpleasant feelings and thoughts, call Nicola so that we can discuss how we can help you look forward to your future with a smile. This is your one wild and precious life, time to live it with love and hope.

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