Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Have you spent years yo-yo dieting, constantly depriving yourself of food then bingeing when you have achieved a certain weight goal? Studies have found that this results in long term damage to health and really isn’t a happy way to live.

Would you prefer to have a healthier relationship to your body, looking after yourself by eating tasty food that will nourish and energise?

I will teach you to get in touch with your motivators, visualise your goals and increase your confidence in yourself. We will develop your ability to consciously choose foods that are nutritious and delicious, slow down your eating and enjoy smaller portions.

We can work alongside a nutritionist or dietitian to design an eating plan if that is what you feel you need. Forget depriving yourself, hypnotherapy for weight management is about enjoying your body and respecting its needs, just wait to see how it will reward you with steady energy levels, calmer moods and a healthy weight.

Exercise needs to be considered and I will support you in choosing a sensible and enjoyable option that is right for you.

How Hypnosis for Weight Loss works?

Many of your eating habits are unconsciously triggered and so in effect you are already in trance when you eat unhealthily. When you use hypnosis for weight loss you will find that those old snacking habits fall away and together we can get you focused on living and eating to be slim and full of energy. This is because you can access those resources that will help you to get slim and stay slim when you are relaxed and fully focused on your goals.

Many people find that Hypnotherapy for weight management is an effective way to focus on health and wellbeing and makes it easier to say “No thanks” to those sugary, fatty foods that weigh you down.

Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss really work?

This is a joint effort, and you have to be committed to the work and the results. Having said that, my clients are often amazed that they no longer want seconds, or find themselves snacking from the biscuit tin, once we have targeted the behaviour that is stopping them from being slimmer.

Hypnosis for weight loss can take several forms, just a couple of sessions to get you back on track, or my 6 Session SlimThink Programme, inspired by a Masterclass with Steve Miller of Fat Families fame.

This focuses on coaching you and supporting you, but no excuses and no moaning is allowed!

When you call me to make an appointment we can decide which approach will work best for you.

Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss

The more you can relax and visualise yourself at your goal weight, in a new outfit, looking fabulous and feeling so proud of yourself, then the easier it will be to stay with the healthy eating choices.

That is self-hypnosis, and I will teach this in your first session. Self-hypnosis for weight loss will keep you positive, planning healthy meals and exercise so that you can enjoy feeling fabulous.

Case Study

Karen had developed a habit of eating peanut butter by the spoonful whenever she was bored, lonely or stressed. She had put on some unwanted weight and was willing to exercise a bit more, kick the peanut butter habit and stop eating such big portions.

The result of the session was she no longer ate peanut butter and found to her surprise that she didn’t always finish her plate of food at every meal. She soon found her weight went down and has referred several friends to me.


I cannot be more surprised! No more chocolate cravings, I was even given a box of my favourite chocolates and I haven’t eaten a single one, it’s fantastic, I just don’t want them. I will come and see you again soon for some other problems I want to address.


Thank you for your help, I have lost the weight, and even after a week’s holiday in Switzerland I haven’t put much on. It is so good to be free of the munchies and keep my weight more stable.

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-Nicola Preston Bell