Can hypnotherapy help me with my needle phobia?

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How you can leave that fear in the past forever with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Needle Phobia

A fear of having injections can be a real problem for many people. Injections are a necessary part of life these days, from anaesthetic injections at the dentist to getting those all-important jabs for the holiday of a lifetime, or for some life-saving medical treatment.

Which type of needle phobia you have?

There are thought to be several different types of needle phobia;

  • Vasovagal needle phobia is when people fear the sight, thought or feeling of needle-like objects and can lead to fainting
  • Associative needle phobia is the name for the fear that has developed from associated experiences, such as being frightened as a child, or when the injection was accompanied by painful procedures or illness
  • Resistive needle phobia occurs when there has been some restraint or control exerted over the person that leads to the sufferer feeling the urge to fight off or flee from the person administering the injection
  • Hyperalgesic needle phobia is the name given to a heightened experience of pain when injected, preceded by very high anxiety

A whole body experience
When in the grip of a phobia, raised or lowered blood pressure, rapid heart beat and feelings of high anxiety are experienced.

The trouble is, the feeling of fear and anxiety begins way before the actual injection is needed, clouding the preceding days and disturbing your nights sometimes. Can you begin to imagine feeling completely at ease even though there is an appointment in your diary for an injection, or a visit to the dentist that might entail anaesthetic? Maybe not at the moment.

Time to move on
Hypnotherapy can help you to make a new relationship with those old fears that are stopping you from feeling relaxed about the brief momentary encounter with the hyper dermic syringe. Once old fears are dispelled while you are deeply relaxed, we can replace them with a new calm confidence and a clear strategy to feel calm while the injection is happening.

So once you have overcome the old phobia with hypnotherapy you can easily and confidently visit the dentist, the hospital or book those vaccinations and look forward to your horizons widening.

If you are a needle phobic or want to learn more about of hypnotherapy for needle phobia for someone else, please contact Nicola for further consultation.

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