The Virtual Gastric Band Procedure

The concept of a “virtual gastric band”, using hypnosis, has been around for a few years now and has generated a lot of positive press from the media world wide.  Cuts in NHS funding mean few people get taken on for bariatric surgery, where a band is put around your stomach.  When you enter the Virtual Gastric Band Programme, I will hypnotically take you to hospital and your subconscious mind will have the band placed around your stomach so that you find it easy to feel satisfied on smaller portions.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

How it works?

Trials on the procedure that I use, pioneered by Sheila Granger, consisted of 3 one hour sessions with 25 volunteers who lost over 14 stones between them in the three week period of the trial. All but one reported a change in their eating habits.

I also have carried out the procedure on a group of 5 volunteers who lost over 3 stones within the 4 week trial period and all reported a change in their eating habits, happily eating smaller amounts, just 3 smaller meals a day.

We all know that “diets don’t work” especially when there is a sense of deprivation, or denial. When you can eat anything you want, but find that you feel satisfied with a lot less, the weight can still come off.

Everyone knows that eating less and exercising more will lead to a better body shape, improved fitness and a sense of well-being. Exercising regularly is part of this programme, it is designed to help you embrace a healthier lifestyle. This programme employs a virtual gastric band and other mind management techniques and is most decidedly NOT a diet. It enables clients to for better habits that they can maintain, there is no sense of deprivation so you are liberated from having to think about food all the time. You will eat slowly and consciously, able to listen to what your stomach is telling you. The result is steady, progressive weight loss, without dieting.

You just eat like a slim person!

The Programme is conducted over 4 one hour sessions designed to bring about a permanent change in your eating habits. This is not a short-term fix, creating new habits takes around 28 days, so the sessions need to be over at least a 4 week period.

You will be given a support MP3 to listen to each day and if you want then I will provide you with a personalised MP3 at the end to keep you on track.

Are You Ready?

So are you ready to take the first step towards feeling healthier, proud of yourself and fitter? Contact Nicola to discuss your weight loss goals and then you can decide together whether this is the programme for you. It could be the best investment in your health and wellbeing that you have ever made.

Patients' Testimonials


Having tried numerous diets, and a lifetime of being overweight – 1 hour in Nicola’s experienced and calming experience is all it took. I found the whole process relaxing, and has allowed my weight to come off and confidence to improve as a result.

Anon, West Sussex,

I’ve lost 1 stone 13 lbs up to today! I forgot to measure myself but know my clothes are looser, I bought new underwear which was a size smaller- yay!

Anon, Haywards Heath,

The Virtual Band has given me a boost to my weight loss and I shall continue to use your relaxing and visualisation MP3 to further my quest to become the shape I have desired for many years. It’s as if you’ve flicked a switch in my brain, I just don’t want to eat so much now.

Anon, Haywards Heath,

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