Corporate Services

Motivated, energised people are required to build a creative productive company. If you value your main resource then you know that their well-being and talents require nurturing.

  • Executive stress management coaching for clarity and self-development.
  • Mindfulness coaching to increase focus and concentration skills
  • Group meditation to build awareness of attention and focus
  • Wellbeing seminars – managing the mind/body connection for great energy, health and creativity
  • Stress management training and mindfulness courses for groups to immunise against overwhelm
  • Phobia resolution – enabling staff to confidently manage public speaking, meetings, flying etc
Corporate Hypnotherapy Services

Nicola's Approach

  • Practical and science based, using solution-focused brief therapy with NLP
  • Solution-focused, dealing with the behaviours we don’t want and achieving excellent outcomes
  • Humour and compassion are never in short supply to relax and encourage reflection
  • Harnessing your natural creativity, you can find your best solutions and goals
  • Teaching skills and strategies that stand you in good stead throughout your life
  • “A breath of fresh air” (there’s no bull…)
  • Aiming for clarity for you so you can continue to build your confidence for your best way forward

Services Offered

  1. One to one sessions with executives. Discover how you can improve your health and clarity of thought with simple exercises that only take a few minutes to do. Deepen your awareness of your body’s response to situations and how you can manage this for the best outcome for you and your company.
  2. Mindfulness Coaching for individuals or small groups who are interested in developing a mindfulness practice. To make it where you can feel safe so that you can work, rest, and sleep better while developing resilience for the ups and downs of life.
  3. Meditation groups. Many companies are benefiting from introducing Mindfulness into the workplace. I can lead weekly or monthly groups to encourage and maintain this initiative. Colleagues can support each other and gain from the opportunity to reflect on work/life balance – no moaning allowed! Just practical ideas on how they can improve their attention focus and stay well.
  4. Wellbeing seminars. Training in the newest strategies that psychology has to offer us to “squish the ANTS “(Automatic Negative Thoughts) and develop positive thinking with a more optimistic outlook on life for better health, relationships and decision-making.

Stress Management

How do you know when you or a colleague is beginning to feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges? Often we ignore the warning signs until we are close to meltdown. When you or someone you work with is suffering from anxiety and feelings of panic, it can affect every interaction and decision.

What can you do to develop greater resilience to weather life’s storms? What would it be like to know you can maintain a clear focus on the present moment and let go of those anxious thoughts and imaginings?

  • I will teach you techniques to enable better sleep.
  • Recognise when you have spent too long in the fast lane and need to slow down for your health and sanity.
  • You will learn how to recognise stress in others and understand what is happening in a stressed body and mind.

Public Speaking / Presentation Phobias

Phobia resolution for those talented people who hate leading meetings or public speaking, or need to take on an international role but hate flying. In a few sessions together we can unhook the old fear and replace it with a confident and positive approach.

Case Study

A successful Change Manager in a large national company. Despite years of experience he had begun to feel dread around leading meetings. He had some social anxiety at work that he also wanted to address. In the space of two sessions we were able to shed the dread and set him back to be the confident, proactive manager he had always been before the unhelpful feelings had emerged.

See his testimonial below.

Corporate Clients

Mid Sussex District Council


Its been a while now and I just wanted to let you know how things are and to say a huge thank you.

I am currently sitting at the laptop awaiting another ‘awful’ meeting at 3pm. The difference this time is they are no longer ‘awful’.

Entering the meetings with only a hint of nerves (which is a good thing I feel), confident I know my material and objectives I seek. It’s now my turn to control the agenda and flow of the meetings after letting others control my meetings for so long. The buzz and excitement I am now getting from my job has taken me back three years to the old me. The confidence is growing each and every day and I no longer wake up dreading the day ahead.

All this plus I have managed two social engagements and amazed at the difference in conversation and enjoyment because other parts of my life are so much better. The rich just get richer I guess!

We have now reached a point where I rarely squeeze the fingers together and come out of previously awkward situations only to realise there was no fear or dread beforehand.

I can’t thank you enough, but if there is anything I can do to promote hypnotherapy to your future corporate clients I would be happy to help.

It is fascinating learning more about how your mind works and how small changes can make a big difference to your day. After the sessions I have felt less tense and have been invigorated to carry on with the day’s challenges in a more positive way. I have used the stretches on a daily basis and have also used meditation on some days. I will definitely be continuing with Mindfulness and have signed up for the next six weeks.

Lucy McCully, Mid Sussex District Council

I found myself really relaxed after the sessions themselves. I have definitely found this helps when driving as in not getting stressed out over driving behind slow people etc. I would like to get myself a good mindfulness book and take it from there.

Julie Chaplin, Mid Sussex District Council

It is a subject I am passionate about and the topics covered are relevant. Really important for everyone to strive to create a work / life balance to stay healthy.

It is really nice to take time out with other colleagues who you would not normally see. Also, if we chose to do this privately it would cost and this provides an opportunity for everyone to benefit from a really experienced therapist.

Tracey Telford, Mid Sussex District Council

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