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Nicola Preston BellNicola Preston Bell is an experienced hypnotherapist specialising in solution-focused psychotherapy. She trained at Uncommon Knowledge, the Brighton based diploma course and has supervised and mentored on this internationally renowned course. The combination of brief solution-focused psychotherapy and hypnosis with effective NLP* techniques result in accessing the client’s inner resources to bring about life long change.

By using the mind’s vast ability to work things out for itself we are able, often at a subconscious level to change the way we react to things forever and to create a sense of well-being to permeate our lives. Each person is unique and so each solution is unique but we all have it within ourselves to control our bodies and alter our behaviour. The options are truly in our minds.

Before turning her career to hypnotherapy, Nicola was a team leader in the local NHS speech and language therapy service.

Most recently she worked with children with varying degrees of autism and learning difficulties, enabling better communication skills and supporting the families. She was also part of a multidisciplinary diagnostic team for autistic spectrum disorder.

She did some private work in this field and has helped many young people, teaching staff and carers to find solutions to help them understand their language difficulties or to adopt strategies to cope with everyday life.

Nicola has trained and worked as a facilitator of peer supervision in the NHS and has also worked in the private sector as a senior recruitment consultant for a West End search firm.


Nicola’s qualifications are a Diploma in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and a degree in psychology and linguistics from Reading University. She takes continuing professional development seriously and regularly undergoes further training.

Professional Memberships

  • Member of Hypnotherapy Register
  • Member of European Institute of Therapy Studies

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-Nicola Preston Bell